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Crest of the Best Addresses project

Best Addresses

BeST-Add (Belgian Streets & Addresses) are available as open data in XML. With this project we would like to make this dataset more accessible to the general public, convert it to other formats and promote the use of it.

Crest of the BeBudget project


Representing Belgian government spending data in a more accessible and open way.

Crest of the Explorer project


An interface for tourists to learn more on Bruges artworks while getting at the same time insight on their preferences.

Crest of the Data Monitor project

Data Monitor

The main goal of the project is to monitor data about traffic, road maintenance and logistics in an accessible way.

Crest of the Switch project


Making the younger generation aware of their energy consumption in a fun way.

Crest of the Insight the Boxx project

Insight the Boxx

Gathering insight from energy consumption data.

Crest of the Engie Hub project

Engie Hub

Bringing local communities together to harvest and share sustainable energy.

Crest of the Voices to Emotions project

Voices to Emotions

Exploring sentiment analysis for customer support calls to improve quality of service for callers and service agents.

Crest of the FRIS project


An improvement upon the current search function and charts for the Flemish research portal.

Crest of the Gentlestudent project


Gentlestudent is a mobile web application where students can experience learning opportunities that are offered by organisations or students themselves. And so differentiate them from other students.

Crest of the Influencair project


Create an interactive and animated data story that explains the complexity of air quality in Brussels.

Crest of the Reliability Score project

Reliability Score

Helping people catch their train by predicting delays.

Crest of the Open Heritage Map project

Open Heritage Map

Mapping historical geodata with Open Historical Map to preserve our memories.

Crest of the ConfiguRoute project


A tool for making personalized configuration files for route planning.

Crest of the Hopper project


Providing tailor made commute paths for (future) e-bike owners to stimulate the shift towards more sustainable mobility.

Crest of the Horison project


Helping small groups of people find suitable places to meet up at.

Crest of the Open Recognition project

Open Recognition

Add recognition to someone else's profile.

Crest of the oSoc international project

oSoc international

oSoc is going international! We are opening up oSoc even more by providing others with the tools to set up their own edition anywhere!

Crest of the Cycling Up project

Cycling Up

Dashboard to evaluate the quality of bicycle infrastructure in Brussels.

Crest of the Road Report project

Road Report

A mobile-friendly website and an app that pedestrians and cyclists can use to report road incidents on their route, which will be integrated into the TMaaS framework as an additional traffic events data set.

Crest of the UnSHACLed project


A visual editor for data constraints.

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